Rifle Range

Membership card must be openly displayed at all times when on range.
Do not shoot the wooden posts. Please use the netting to hang targets

We also have a net target set up on the left hand side of the Rifle range to pattern your Shotguns.
Please only use that target for patterning of Shotguns.
Thanks for your cooperation : Rifle Range Committee
June 15 2019:  Paintball Rimfire Meat Tray Shoot
Registration:    8:00am
Shoot Starts at:    9:00am.
All Targets are off the Bench at 100 yards (Rifle or Pistol)
Rimfire only (22LR, 22WMR, 17HMR or 17WSM)
Front of Rifle can be supported by any means shooter chooses.
Rear of Rifle must be supported by the shooter (No lead sleds, bags,etc.)
Cost:  2 Shoots for $5
Shooter may choose to pay for up to 2 rounds (4 Shots) at one Time
You may only have amount of Ammunition you paid for with you at the bench.
Shooters will be assigned to a bench in the order in which they register.
Paintball must be broken, if ball falls off and doesn’t break it is not considered a broken target.
All shooters must verify their firearms are clear and actions are open during target changes.