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20201714 MEMBER DUES ARE $25.00

2017 Membership Renewals are now closed: You must now renew with a reapplication Fee of 60.00 for the remainder of the 2017 year.
Membership renewals for 2018 calendar year will begin November 1 2017 through January 31 2018  Your Membership Fee 0f 25.00 can be satisfied in person at a regular scheduled Club Meeting or by mail
 Send your dues of 25.00:   With a Self Addresser/Stamped Envelope to
Brian Goodhart
1070 Church Lane Road
Reading Pa 19606        
Membership renewals for 2018 calendar year end on January 31, 2018. If dues are not received by that date your membership will be revoked and a reapplication fee of 60.00 will apply.
Fishing Stamps are available for a additional fee of $10.00.  You may also purchase a indoor Archery Stamp for a additional fee of $40.00